Which type of electric bicycle battery is better?

When people buy electric bicycles, they sometimes get into trouble about the choice of battery types of electric bicycles. Although most of them go to the brand stores of electric bicycles, there are great differences in the types of batteries used by different types of electric bicycles. The author thinks that lead-acid or lithium batteries are better for electric bicycle batteries, Today, the author will take you to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of four types of electric bicycle batteries.

  • Lead acid battery

The full name of lead-acid battery is sealed maintenance free lead-acid battery, which has the advantages of low price, large capacity and mature technology. Especially in recent years, battery manufacturers have made new breakthroughs in battery performance and greatly improved the service life of batteries through process reform, optimization of formula and progress in charging technology. Lead acid batteries are also the main power source of electric bicycles in the market. The drawback is that the weight of lead-acid batteries is still slightly heavy. At present, most middle and low-end electric bicycle products use lead-acid batteries.

  • Nickel cadmium battery

Nickel cadmium battery has the greatest advantages of light weight and long service life. Nickel cadmium batteries can generally be charged and discharged more than 500 times, which is more durable. The disadvantage is that the price is high, the capacity is low, the mileage is short, and the nickel cadmium battery has memory effect. The battery can only be charged after it is discharged. Therefore, only a few electric bicycle manufacturers use nickel cadmium batteries.

  • Ni MH battery

The energy of Ni MH battery is higher than that of Ni Cd battery, and the endurance mileage is also slightly longer. At the same time, it also overcomes the disadvantage of memory effect of nickel cadmium battery. Recently, with the increase of production, the price has also decreased. However, Ni MH battery has poor high temperature resistance and low working voltage. The overall price is higher than lead-acid battery and lithium battery, but the overall performance is worse than lithium-ion battery. The overall use technology needs to be further improved. Therefore, there are few enterprises that use Ni MH battery as electric bicycle battery in the market.

  • Lithium battery

Lithium battery is a kind of battery with lithium metal or lithium alloy as cathode material and non-aqueous electrolyte solution. The advantage of lithium battery is small and light, which is more efficient, safe and environment-friendly than traditional lead-acid battery. The lightness and durability of lithium battery also makes electric vehicles more beautiful and light, which is very suitable for the elderly and female friends. The disadvantage of lithium battery is that the price is slightly higher. At present, some high-end brand manufacturers of high-quality electric bicycles use lithium batteries.