Is it safe to modify electric bicycles?

The current lax regulation of e-bike modification in many countries and regions has resulted in a number of serious traffic accidents. The survey found that high school students are also one of the main force of modified electric bicycles. While worrying and lamenting, Ebikefuture also summarizes the cons of modifying electric bicycles for all consumers. so that you can cherish your life and stay away from modified e-bikes.

Cons 1: Defective design and cutting corners

In order to reduce the process, improve efficiency, reduce costs, modified electric bicycle jerry-built materials make the internal interface easy to loosen, positive and negative poles easy to touch the line short circuit, in the role of the larger current may lead to fire. At the same time, the maximum omission of the installation of the battery fuse, making the battery short-circuit is not effective protection and fire.

Cons 2: In order to shorten the charging time and improve the range, the pursuit of large chargers, large batteries

In order to improve the so-called “performance”, modified electric bicycles will generally increase the charger and battery. Modified electric bicycle wire in the use of a period of time after the rapid aging of the line, in the process of running a larger current, the line insulation layer was destroyed, the wire exposed to cause a short circuit, while the rated voltage of the electric bicycle to a certain value, will cause the use of the process of insurance fuse and not play a protective role.

Cons 3: Fear of rain

Private modification of electric bicycle without waterproof treatment, in the rain and snow and water environment, electromechanical components are susceptible to rain erosion, making the line short circuit, and in serious cases directly lead to controller burned.

Cons 4: Unstable frame

 Most of the modified electric bicycles are made of cheap bicycles with electrical components, cheap bicycle frame material is ordinary, stability is not guaranteed, long-term use is easy to rust, and even fracture, there are great safety risks.

Cons 5: Private speeding

Modified electric bicycles generally do not change the original braking system of the vehicle, there will be greater safety risks. For example, how can the brake pads of an electric bicycle hold the speed of a motorcycle? Most of the modified electric bike business will say modified disc brakes, very safe, but not, simple disc brakes plus too fast speed is very easy to lead to brake clutching, resulting in instantaneous fall of the vehicle.

Cons 6: “It looks beautiful”

Many consumers go to modify the electric bicycle is to change the car beautiful, and bad modification of bicycle business will use a screwdriver plus pliers will be assembled together with different poor quality parts, the parts of the match is difficult to coordinate, look beautiful again, there are serious safety risks.

Cons 7: Unprofessional and unregulated

The main source of profit for modified electric bicycles is the battery, and the battery is the most expensive electric bicycle, but also the most easily depleted parts, bad businessmen will be second best, self-assembly, battery replacement. Especially, in order to reduce the weight of the body and private assembly of different battery types, will lead to serious vehicle and battery mismatch, is also a major hidden danger.