How to maintain the lithium battery of electric bicycle?

Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have great advantages in terms of performance and safety, and now there are more and more electric bikes using lithium batteries. Electric bicycle lithium battery is the main component of electric bicycle, in comparison the highest cost and fastest loss is also lithium battery, if overcharge will be fatal to the battery, thus affecting the service life, so the correct maintenance means is very important. Famous electric bicycle dealers prompt you to use and maintain the lithium battery correctly by doing the following.

1. in the electric bicycle on the bridge, climbing hills or in the top wind driving, should be supplemented by human drive, to prevent the battery power supply current steep increase.

2. in just on the car riding or driving on the emergency brake to stop speed and then to ride, it is best to use the foot pedal a few times, and then the electric bike has a certain speed after the electric ride. Try not to make the electric bicycle in a stationary state directly using electricity to start.

3. in the ride, if you need to accelerate, should slowly rotate the speed control, to avoid direct acceleration to the fastest gear. Because this will not only not immediately increase the speed, but also generate an inrush current causing damage to the battery. In the conditions allowed by the road, as far as possible to make the electric bike to the highest speed.

4. in riding, try to avoid frequent braking, start, in the road when crowded with more pedal drive. This not only increases the “range” and improves the efficiency of the battery, but also extends the service life of the battery.

5. often charging, so that the battery is often in a full state, with the conditions to do with the charge, but to grasp the total charging time.

6. the first use of electric bicycles must be filled with more than 12 hours before the outside, usually the general power is more abundant when the charge 2-3 hours on it, if the power is less also 6-7 hours. Ready for long-term use, the battery should be full after storage, and regular replenishment.

7. the battery power display has been dead, and after a period of time found that the battery has a small amount of voltage, known as “rebound voltage”. Do not use this “rebound voltage” to drive.

Electric bicycle lithium battery if the correct use and maintenance, generally use 2 years without any problems. On the contrary, the service life is greatly reduced, and even use half a year to have to replace the new battery.