How to maintain and use electric bicycle correctly?

Since its creation, the electric bicycle has been favored by more and more people because of its low-carbon and environmental protection, convenience and speed advantages. Although the price of electric bikes is far less than cars, they need to be maintained from time to time, just like cars. Many people buy electric bicycles, often improperly maintained or not properly used, which greatly reduces the service life of electric bicycles. Some people do not maintain their e-bikes for a long time, resulting in serious damage to the external or internal parts of the e-bike, which is a great safety hazard if you ride such an e-bike. In a nutshell, the maintenance and correct use of electric bicycles is crucial to prolonging the service life of electric bicycles and enhancing the safety of electric bicycle use. Today, the author will give you some tips on the daily maintenance and use of electric bicycles, I hope you have some help, if there is a shortage, welcome to add.

1. Electric bicycle battery maintenance

The battery is the power source of the electric bicycle, and the price of the battery is higher compared to other accessories, so in order to prolong the service life of the electric bicycle, you should first pay more attention to the maintenance of the battery.

  • To prevent over discharging as well as charging. Some careless friends often forget to charge their electric bikes, or forget to unplug the power supply when they fully charge their bikes, resulting in long charging time or long usage time, causing some damage to the battery.
  • To prevent the charging frequency from being too high (for lead-acid batteries, lithium battery e-bikes do not have this limitation), many people basically charge their e-bikes once a day in order to prevent them from running out of power, which is actually not good for e-bikes, because the more times the lead-acid battery is charged, the shorter the service life. Also, according to the e-bike battery principle, it usually takes two hours to float after a full charge, so if you charge it often, this function will be weakened.
  • To prevent misuse, different brands of e-bike batteries can only use their own brand of supporting charger, otherwise it will cause damage to the battery and shorten its service life.

2. Small details that should be noted before and during the use of electric bicycles

  • Before using an electric bicycle, you should check whether the electric bicycle is in good condition, such as whether the brakes are sensitive, whether the tires are leaking, and whether the battery is fully charged. This is not only to maintain your e-bike, but also to enhance the safety of your bike and avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • When you start your e-bike, you should accelerate slowly to avoid instantaneous acceleration and damage to the e-bike components.
  • If you encounter uphill or wind resistance during the driving process, you should use your feet appropriately, not just to ensure safety. This will reduce the consumption of electric bicycle components.
  • If you need to push the electric bicycle, please turn off the electric bicycle power supply, so as not to damage the motor and other parts, the most important thing is that this will avoid inadvertent rotation of the speed control in the implementation, the electric bicycle suddenly start an accident.
  • Try to avoid driving the electric bicycle in a rainstorm to prevent the motor from water damage. Avoid exposing the electric bicycle to the sun at high temperatures, so as not to cause the electric bicycle paint to fall off and affect the beauty.

With these points of maintenance knowledge, you can make your own electric bicycle both in terms of service life and safety can be greatly improved. In fact, the service life of electric bicycle is also inseparable from the quality of the electric bicycle itself. Therefore, when purchasing a bike, consumers should try to choose a big brand electric bike with good quality and perfect after-sales service. If you buy a miscellaneous electric bicycle without any guarantee, the quality of the electric bicycle itself is not up to par, that is, daily maintenance is also futile.