How to identify whether the electric bicycle battery is new or not?

Some unscrupulous businessmen in the electric bicycle battery industry will use some extreme means to seek benefits, such as using the second best for the best, fake for real and old for new, etc. These practices not only hurt consumers, but also seriously disrupt the market order. So, how to determine whether the electric bike battery you bought is new or old?

Whether the packaging is intact

Usually, from the factory to the sale out, the outer packaging is packed very tightly, except for a few demolition out of the sample, the other packaging will not move, so when you buy an electric bike battery must be unpacked to see if it is intact. Be sure to insist on new ones that have not been disassembled, so that they are safer and more secure.

Battery Appearance

New battery appearance is generally very clean, beautiful, no wear, scratches, in the inspection of the goods, be sure to open and check to see if this is the case, if there are scratches, or wear flowers, then be careful of the businessman sold to you after the renovation of the old battery.


In the same case, the price of the new battery is a little more expensive than the used one, and it is not easy to reduce the price. If you buy a battery cheaper than the equivalent brand, and the price fluctuates more, you should pay attention to it.

For electric bike battery new or old judgment, I do not know if you already have their own ideas, here professionals also remind you, electric bike battery is the core part, must use a good, do not just make up, or suffer or themselves. For the old and new batteries can be used at the same time, professionals suggest that it is best not to, because the capacity and efficiency of the two is not the same, forcibly bound together even if they can use, the damage to each other is also great.

Finally, it is recommended that consumers in the process of buying electric bicycle batteries, if you do not want to be cheated and buy a used battery, you should go to a store or a big brand of electric bicycle battery distribution point to buy, not only to ensure quality, post maintenance is also guaranteed.