How to choose home fitness equipment?

Choose home fitness equipment, first of all, according to the individual’s physical condition and exercise purposes, followed by consideration of living area, economic conditions, etc., after comprehensive consideration of the fitness equipment suitable for the needs. Home fitness can consider buying a treadmill, or ride a bike and other home fitness machines. In recent years, with the rapid development of the “live + e-commerce” online shopping method, more and more consumers through watching the webcast to place orders for shopping. The advantages of online shopping are indeed many, such as price concessions, the convenience of price comparison between different business resources.

Treadmill is also known as walking machine, walking machine or flat running machine, there are two kinds of single-function treadmill and multi-function treadmill, is the “favorite” of indoor fitness equipment.

Home treadmill has been accepted by more and more people, become the first choice of home fitness. Briefly introduce the function and use of the treadmill: the electric treadmill has a five-window electronic table, which displays the running speed, time, mileage, calories consumed and heart rate of the exerciser. In this way, the sportsman can have a good idea of his physical condition when working out. Since the transmission roller belt is rubber, the impact on the joints of legs and feet is much less than that of running, which is not easy to cause injuries, thus ensuring the science and safety of exercise.

The choice of treadmill: treadmill running belt should be wide, combined with the actual situation, do not choose too narrow unsafe. Stability should be good, run comfortable noise is also small; shock absorption system should be good, otherwise the impact on the knee is larger, the body is prone to problems over time.