How to buy an electric bicycle with good performance?

Electric bicycles have become an indispensable means of transportation for people, and the purchase of electric bicycles has gradually become an immediate need for consumers. Electric bicycle professionals today to teach you from 4 aspects to buy the real high-performance electric bicycle.

1. motor and controller

The motor and controller are the core components of an electric bicycle, which determine the ability of an electric bicycle to run, enter and exit, speed, stop, etc. Therefore, to buy an electric bicycle, you must look at how its motor and controller are configured. Generally, big brands of electric bicycles choose high configuration motors and electric controls, which generally take full account of consumers, the pursuit of driving experience brought about by the sense of speed, and intelligent control of gas pedal parameters according to the battery discharge mode, which can greatly enhance the instantaneous acceleration.

2. Battery life

Battery as one of the core components of the electric bicycle industry, directly determine the range, is a problem that we must pay attention to, the current market, some manufacturers and distributors, it is the use of this point, take the battery to make a big deal, “guarantee two years”, “large capacity” and so on BEZIOR electric bicycle adopts advanced control system to improve the electric energy conversion rate, improve the efficiency of the work done, which can effectively extend the service life of the battery.

3. Anti-theft performance

Theft of electric bicycles often occurs, and is also a headache for everyone. Therefore, the anti-theft ability of electric bicycles is of great importance. Nowadays, many electric bicycles are equipped with intelligent anti-theft systems, and consumers can take the availability of intelligent anti-theft systems as a criterion when purchasing electric bicycles.

4. Security system

Traffic is becoming more and more developed, all kinds of unexpected situations occur on the road, many consumers have encountered, a short distance brakes can not brake the situation, it is easy to traffic danger, and a good electric bicycle needs to be based on riding habits, has a stable and reliable braking performance, make riding safer.

Of course, there are other criteria when buying, such as the smoothness of the electric bicycle when shifting, the ability to sense road conditions, waterproof performance, etc. Which performance of electric bicycle is good, in the era of diversified consumer choice, to meet the cost-effective, high-performance configuration and other multiple needs, to be called a really good electric bicycle.