How to avoid the risk of buying an electric bicycle?

When asked what is the most convenient way to get around, many people will say an electric bike. There are many electric bicycle stores and repair stores on the street. However, some people have taken up the job of assembling and modifying electric bicycles, acquiring them at low prices, regardless of whether they are complete or not, and whether they are suspected of theft or not, and using some small workshops to produce shells and parts for assembling and modifying them to cheat consumers.

Recently, we asked for advice from professionals, summarized the following seven points.

1. Look at the price, such as the price is significantly lower than peers should be alert.

2. Check the electric bicycle certificate of conformity and product manual, and pay attention to see whether the model of the electric bicycle and the “two books” marked the same model.

3. Focus on checking the battery and motor. Take apart the battery to see the production date, if it has been more than three months, the performance will be greatly affected; motor is difficult to view directly, but you can increase the electric door to the maximum, listen to the sound is normal.

4. Pay attention to check whether the electric bicycle frame number and the dealer’s certificate number is consistent, whether the battery is marked with the manufacturer’s production license number, including the factory name and label on the battery is consistent with the electric bicycle brand. Also look at the various parts of the vehicle (including the motor, front brake, seat, etc.) with or without the manufacturer’s steel seal.

5. Pay attention to check the electric bicycle commodity “three packages” certificate, and request a formal invoice and warranty card, in order to enjoy the factory’s after-sales service, and in future disputes, complaints have a door.

6. After the purchase of electric bicycles must be registered in a timely manner, after the purchase of the car must be timely registration. After the vehicle has been stolen and robbed, report it to the police in time. The police can find the owner according to the alarm after seizing the electric bicycle of unknown origin, otherwise, even if your car is found by the police, you cannot be found.

7. When parking the electric bicycle, do not put the relevant procedures in the car, otherwise once stolen, it will give criminals the convenience of selling stolen goods.