5 aspects of electric bicycle maintenance

Nowadays, more and more people are riding electric bicycles, and the maintenance of electric bicycles is very important. The staff of GHstore, a famous electric bicycle dealer, suggests that the maintenance of electric bicycles should be carried out in 5 aspects.

1. Charger

Do not replace the charger at will, but use it correctly according to the manual. Before replacing the charger, confirm whether the charger is compatible with the e-bike, prohibit the use of non-standard and low-quality chargers to charge the battery, and try to use the original charger. It is strictly forbidden to cover the charger with foreign objects while charging, otherwise it will easily damage the charger and the battery, and even cause a fire accident. Also forbid the charger to be immersed in water or rain.

2. Electric control part

Do not expose the electric bicycle to the sun when it is parked, and do not get wet for a long time to avoid damage to the electric control parts, which may cause malfunction. When using the speed control handle, you need to rotate it gently and put it down without force. When riding in the rain, try to avoid getting the switch and electrical connection plug-in wet to prevent leakage and short circuit.

3. Motor

The motor will produce a slight mechanical noise during operation, which is a normal phenomenon. But if the motor produces “cluck, cluck” abnormal vibration and sound in the process of operation, should promptly turn off the power lock and professional overhaul.

When the electric bicycle is moving backwards, it feels heavier when the rear wheel is backwards, which is a normal phenomenon. When the electric bicycle is being pushed forward, it feels very resistant. First, disconnect the motor power supply to eliminate the forward resistance, and then carry out overhaul in time.

When driving in water on rainy days, the water depth should not exceed the lower edge of the electric wheel hub to avoid motor failure due to motor seepage.

4. Brake braking and transmission system

The front axle, middle axle, flywheel, chain and other transmission parts of the electric bicycle should be regularly inspected, wiped and lubricated to prevent rust and corrosion or seizure from affecting normal use. The front and rear brakes should be checked regularly to see if the power-off brakes are effective, especially the rear brake, if the power-off fails it is likely to damage the controller during use.

5. Battery

When choosing a battery, try to choose a high quality, good reputation brand battery. Give the battery a full charge in time to extend the battery life. It is strictly forbidden to open the battery cover without permission to prevent danger and avoid damage to the vehicle.

If the electric bicycle is parked for a long time, the electric energy in the battery will gradually decrease, the battery is found to be short of power to charge, do not let the battery in a long-term power shortage, so as not to damage the battery.