3 Signs Your Electric Bike Needs a New Battery

Electric bicycle battery is the core component of electric bicycle, but electric bicycle battery has a service life, and most consumers do not know when they need to replace the battery, and often wait until the battery is completely obsolete before they will consider replacing it. Professional e-bike dealers remind you that if the battery has the following 3 signs, it is time to replace the battery with a new one.

1. The battery will be fully charged in a few minutes, but will run out of power after a short ride

At this time, you should change the battery again, and before choosing the battery to the charger, controller, wiring for a comprehensive test to ensure that the old original to play a protective role for the new battery. When choosing a battery, try to choose a high-quality brand battery.

2. Battery charging or discharging the shell are seriously hot

The reason for the battery to heat up is that the active material on the pole plate is seriously off, the internal resistance increases, resulting in increased heat generation. At this time, if you open the battery safety valve to check, you will see the battery “black”, serious failure can not be repaired. At this time, the battery self-discharge quickly, sometimes after charging soon after the power is dead. Serious will make the battery drum, and even the battery shell, the line will also appear burning.

3. The actual discharge capacity of the battery is lower than about 60% of the rated capacity, no significant increase after maintenance

This is due to the battery use process, capacity decay to about 60% of the performance will be significantly decayed, the parts have basically reached the deterioration of the situation, this decay has gradually accelerated the trend, and will soon completely lose the charge and discharge capacity.

If the battery performance decreases but not replaced, it is also easy to lead to the electric bike’s¬†other components to reduce the service life, so the time to change or timely replacement.