Is it bad quality that e-bike battery performance decreases in winter?

As the weather enters winter, many e-bike consumers reflect that they feel their e-bike batteries are becoming less and less durable and wonder if there is a problem with the quality of the e-bike. Some unreasonable customers run to the store to request a return, electric bicycle business is also helpless!

Winter battery is not durable, in fact, mainly caused by the cold weather, and when the temperature rises, the situation will be better. Due to the low temperature in winter, the power in the battery is not released, the general battery power will drop about 30%, and some poor quality battery power will drop even more. So some electric bicycle users think it is the battery to the “end of life”, in fact, this is a common phenomenon. Nowadays, electric bicycle batteries mainly have colloidal batteries, lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries. At present, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries are commonly used, and when the temperature drops, the power stored in lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries will drop. The relevant personnel found after testing that the performance of lithium battery e-bike is better than the performance and performance of lead-acid battery e-bike.

Electric bicycle technicians suggest that electric bicycle users should increase the number of charges in winter, and each charge should preferably not exceed 10 hours. In addition, it is best to choose the regular manufacturer’s brand when purchasing electric bicycle batteries. In addition, the people should develop good habits of saving electricity. when riding. For example, when going downhill, you can cut off the power in advance and glide to slow down. When you are about to encounter a traffic light, enter the coasting in advance to minimize braking.

Cold weather leads to low battery efficiency of electric bicycles, which is a normal phenomenon, but many consumers do not understand, leading to many unnecessary disputes. In this article, I hope you will repost this article so that every consumer can see that the winter battery is not as good as the summer performance, it is not a quality problem!