How to repair and maintain the motor of electric bicycle?

The motor is one of the four major parts of an electric bicycle, it draws battery power through the electric bicycle controller to convert it into mechanical energy! You need to take care of it, so that it can better serve you! Don’t overload it, otherwise it will cause “fatigue” and casualties! Try not to ride in the water, in case the motor into the water greatly shortened the service life! The motor has a fault in time to repair! Here to introduce the electric bike motor repair experience and skills!

1. detect the motor Hall! With a multimeter 20v gear, insert the red pen into the Hall positive, the black pen into the Hall yellow, green, blue, open the power lock, lightly rotate the motor wheel by hand if the voltage has changed that the corresponding Hall is normal, the general transformation voltage of 0-5v, on the contrary, if the voltage does not transform the corresponding Hall has been bad, for replacement.

2. Disassemble the motor! Will be ready to disassemble the screws with a rust remover spray, to bring some convenience and disassembly without effort! Do not throw the screws around, so as not to find the installation!

3. Motor screws are mostly hexagonal wires! It is best to use the “sharp awl” to clean up the foreign matter inside the screw, so as to avoid the six-pronged wrench will be six-pronged screw screw slip brings trouble!

4. pier hit the motor do not use brute force, the motor end cover material is aluminum, easy to break! Tips: the two sides of the motor end cover seal with a “sharp awl” “pry open, spray rust remover to the inside, to be more than ten minutes to demolition! Disassembly due to the magnet is a strong magnetic, to avoid iron things let strong magnetic suction on, vibration injury magnet sheet!

5. Find the original detection of damage to the Hall! Use the “sharp awl” to gently knock down! Look at the right and wrong direction of the Hall, when installing the new Hall, please install as is! Do not leave the soldering iron on the hall for more than three seconds to prevent the “heat” from breaking through the hall! Then install the new Hall with 101 adhesive will be stained to prevent the installation of the impact and detachment! Cause abnormal operation!

6. Check both sides of the motor end cover bearings! If there is “clunk” and “stuck” phenomenon, please replace the bearings together! Please add lubricating oil when installing the motor bearings, because it comes with little, add some more durable!

7. When installing the motor end cover with a hammer like leather moderate knocking end cover circumference so that the bearing slowly into place, the motor end cover screws, please diagonal “on the screw”, otherwise one side offset caused by installation difficulties easy “injury screw destruction cover”!

8. Use the motor wire to fix the wire in the frame, so that the tire or shock absorber will not wear out the wire and cause damage!

To electric bike motor power, the usual e-bike motor maintenance to strengthen. To motor life long, do not overload. To motor noise is small, pay attention to bearing maintenance. To motor not to scrap, find problems to repair in time!Usually also need to know more about some electric bicycle related knowledge, in order to better use your electric bike!

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