How to make electric bikes more durable?

As electric bicycles become more and more popular in people’s daily lives, the maintenance and repair of electric bicycles has gradually become a headache for electric bicycle owners: while cars are maintained by 4S stores, electric bicycles, especially some small brands, can only be relied on by dealers for repair and maintenance, and dealers are not professional technicians after all, and sometimes they cannot help but feel the crux of the problem. As a result, the beloved e-bikes face the embarrassing fate of being scrapped after a few years of riding. Today, GHstore, an e-bike service provider, suggests these points to make your e-bike healthier and more durable.

Take care of your battery

1. E-bike battery charging: Don’t charge for too long, within 10 hours in winter and 6-8 hours in summer.

If the electric bicycle is used with lead-acid batteries, it is best to replenish once every two months for a long time, and to fill the battery with electricity to avoid the irreversible sulfation and “death” of the battery.

When the battery is used for 1.5 to 2 years, it is best to add liquid to the battery to extend its life. This needs to go to a professional electric bike after-sales or repair store operation, do not operate without permission.

2. Riding: usually riding can be properly assisted, especially when encountering uphill best first assisted after electric, to avoid instantaneous current and strain on the battery.

Care about the motor

The motor is a component that converts the electrical energy in the battery into mechanical energy and drives the rotation of the electric bicycle wheel. Usually, we should pay more attention to e-bike motor care.

1. Pay attention to riding without brakes, riding with brakes motor stress heat caused by magnet demagnetization, resulting in car powerlessness and shorten the range.

2. Motor noise repair in a timely manner, check the bearings, so as not to roll out the steel particles in the bearings to cut the coil, resulting in motor scrap.

3. Try not to ride to the place where there is water, the motor is not as good as we think closed, the water is good, it is difficult to get out, long time out will be rusted magnets, bearings are vulnerable to bad, resulting in power consumption, motor heat, reduce mileage.

Maintain the controller

Electric bicycle controller is the component that controls the motor speed, and is also the core of the electric bicycle electric system, which mainly controls the motor speed, and is the core component of the electric bicycle energy management system and various signal processing. The controller has corresponding protection functions such as brake cut-off, under-voltage protection, under-voltage back up value setting over-current protection. The controller should be noted that the controller should be kept as dry as possible to prevent water, the controller consists of small components, in case of water short circuit will be burned. Also check whether the contact plug is real to avoid the risk of fire caused by false connection! (When installing the controller motor power line, the main power line is best soldered with tin), in addition to see if the brake cut-off, to ensure that the controller operates normally without strain.

Correct use of the charger

E-bike charger use details some people do not pay much attention to, the correct use of electric bicycle charger to do the following.

1. Electric bicycle charging start charging first connect the electric bicycle plug and then connect the power supply, charging is over, should be unplugged before disconnecting the plug on the electric bicycle.

2. The size of different battery packs is different, the charger power is different, the charger must be matched with the battery, large charger charging small battery is easy to charge bad battery, small charger charging large battery is not saturated, some charger polarity inconsistent and damage the charger, the best special car dedicated.

3. The charger is composed of welding components, chargers do not carry with the car, so as not to cause a short circuit, or false connection and can not work properly.

Properly doing the above aspects suggested by the author, scientific and reasonable maintenance and use of electric bicycle will make your electric bicycle more durable.

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