6 reasons and solutions for noisy electric bicycle motor

Electric bicycles are convenient and fast, but they do occasionally break down. What about loud motor noise? Where is the cause of the failure and how to solve it? After investigation and research, professionals have summarized 6 kinds of electric bicycle motor noise common causes of failure and solutions

Electric bicycle motor noise fault mainly has the following reasons.

  1. Motor bearing clearance: motor bearings, also known as motor bearings or motor bearings, is a special bearing specifically applied to the motor or motor. Motor bearing bearing is a support shaft parts, it can guide the rotation of the shaft, but also can bear the shaft overhead parts, the concept of bearing is very broad.
  2. Motor rotor sweep: also is a rotating part in the motor. The motor is composed of two parts: rotor and stator, which is used to realize the conversion device of electric energy and mechanical energy and mechanical energy and electric energy. Motor rotor is divided into motor rotor and generator rotor.
  3. The magnets are loose and fall off. Magnet steel is made of several hard strong metals, such as iron and aluminum, nickel, cobalt and other synthesis, sometimes copper, niobium, tantalum synthesis, used to make super hard permanent magnetic alloy.
  4. Axial runout inside the motor.
  5. Brush motor commutator surface oxidation, ablation, oil, unevenness, loose commutator.
  6. Loose carbon brush frame, incorrect carbon brush frame.

 Electric bicycle motor noise fault solutions.

  1. Replace the bearing.
  2. Re-repair the stator and rotor.
  3. Re-bond the magnets.
  4. Axially increase the appropriate gasket.
  5. Clean the commutator surface layer or weld the commutator piece.
  6. Adjust the carbon brush holder.