6 major considerations for buying an electric bicycle

In the crowded traffic to see people riding electric bicycles easily through, Do you also want to buy one? But what should we pay attention to in the purchase details of electric bicycles? Most people buy electric bicycles for the convenience of life and work,travel. Therefore, when buying an electric bike, there are some things that you need to pay attention to in order to avoid adding unnecessary trouble.

When buying an e-bike, you can buy one that suits your actual needs and is suitable for you in terms of performance requirements, such as different usage situations (weather, terrain, load, mileage…), and choose one that is suitable for you to drive. E-bike professionals summarized as 6 major considerations

Electric bicycle buying guide:

1. E-bike model

The choice of e-bike model should be based on the actual situation of the cyclist. In addition, the choice of electric bicycle model should also be based on the cyclist’s situation, storage space is narrow, try to buy lighter. In addition, if the daily need for shopping and transporting children to and from school, it is also necessary to consider the convenience of taking people and cargo.

2. Choose a good configuration

There are four major components of electric bicycle: motor, battery, charger and controller, which are the key to the performance of an electric bicycle. Therefore, before buying a e-bike, you can learn about the brand, manufacturer and performance of the four major components, so that you can have a standard when looking at the e-bike. Most electric bicycle manufacturers are just assembling, and their parts, especially the four major parts, are purchased from various manufacturers. So, you can’t just look at the brand and manufacturer of the electric bicycle, but also the four inner parts.

3. The power of the motor is important

If the power of the electric bicycle motor is too small, the load, speed, acceleration and climbing ability are limited. Especially the climbing ability is directly related to the power of the motor, if too large on the one hand, power consumption, on the other hand, will also increase the cost of buying an electric bike, so try to choose a motor that matches the daily use, do not blindly pursue high power, but also can not be too small. The dealer warranty of the motor is not the key, the key is the brand and performance of the motor.

4. Battery is the power of an electric bicycle

The capacity of the electric bike battery is related to the range of the electric bike, that is, how far you can run every time you go out. The life of the battery determines the cost of riding the e-bike later. Therefore, try to choose a high-capacity battery with a good reputation. Because ordinary consumers in the use of the operation process is easy to encounter a variety of problems, and quality battery brand in sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects of the construction of relatively perfect, can provide consumers with better after-sales service.

5. The charger is related to the convenience of daily travel

Try to choose the kind of intelligent electric bike charger that can take into account ordinary charging and emergency fast charging, with overcharge protection, can automatically stop charging when fully charged, reducing charging trouble. In addition, also consider the convenience of carrying the charger, you can carry with the bike, but need to do a good job electric bike charger protection measures to avoid damage to the charger caused by electric bike bumps, so convenient to go out or travel.

6. The controller plays a big role

The electric bicycle controller with speed control handle (or speed pedal) makes the speed of the motor easy to control, that is to say, the bicycle speed can be adjusted at will at the will of the driver. Electric bicycle controller also has many subsidiary functions: current limit protection, undervoltage protection, soft start function, anti-flying function, fault self-diagnosis function, etc. For these ancillary functions are not all speed controllers on the market, consumers should pay special attention when purchasing.

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