5 reasons why the electric bicycle range becomes shorter

More and more people are buying electric bicycles. As a means of transportation, electric bicycles provide convenience to people, But obviously a good battery installed in the electric bicycle but the more running powerless, I believe we will encounter it, this time we will take a look at the top 5 reasons that lead to short electric bicycle range and how to check the problem.

  1. Check the front and rear tire pressure of the e-bike.
  2. Check the front and rear wheel brakes to see if they are holding.
  3. Check the brake disconnect switch.
  4. Check the battery charger.
  5. Check if the battery is balanced.

The following is an introduction to the impact of each of these conditions on the range of the electric bicycle.

The effect of tire pressure on electric bicycle range

Tire pressure is the air pressure inside the tire. The most appropriate tire pressure range is generally indicated on the tires produced by regular manufacturers.

What effect does tire pressure have on the range of an electric bicycle? For example, if you are riding a bicycle on a flat road and suddenly feel that the car is struggling, most people who ride bicycles regularly will immediately realize that the car is out of air. Similarly, an electric bicycle with insufficient tire pressure will inevitably bring greater frictional resistance to the electric bicycle motor. In the same driving distance, the low pressure will seriously double the power consumption of the electric bicycle.

Check the front and rear wheel brakes for locking

If the brakes on the front and rear of the e-bike do not return smoothly or if there is a fault inside the brakes, the overall range of the e-bike will be affected. If the brakes of the e-bike are faulty, it will increase the workload of the motor and cause continuous high current discharge of the e-bike battery. As a result, the range will be shortened.

The effect of brake failure on range

The original design of the brake cut-off system for electric bikes was to stop the power supply to the motor while the brakes are applied, so that the battery is protected and the motor is not damaged.

If the controller is still supplying power to the motor when the brakes are applied, then it is equivalent to climbing a mountain and then someone pulls you back with a rope, so you have to use a lot more force to maintain balance, which results in high current discharge and affects the total battery range.

Battery charger

The main analysis here is the impact of low charger voltage on the battery, the battery power is not satisfied, naturally it will affect the electric bike range.

Electric bicycle battery imbalance

For the battery caused by the electric bicycle range problems, a single battery lagging behind accounts for the majority. A single battery falling behind will affect the voltage of the whole group, so even if one of the batteries fails or falls behind, it will affect the whole group.

In other words, there are many factors that affect the electric bicycle range, remind the majority of electric bicycle users, in the purchase and testing of electric bicycles to choose a formal business, In the choice of electric bicycles try to choose high-quality, good reputation of the electric bicycle brand, a good brand of electric bicycle quality is very good, service is also better, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance, etc. Good brand electric bicycle quality is very strong, service is also better, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects of the construction is very perfect, can provide consumers with better after-sales service.

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