4 major considerations for electric bicycle charging

As summer is approaching and the temperature has gradually turned warmer, many friends started to pay attention to their own maintenance. But don’t forget to take care of your e-bike. Only by using scientific and reasonable methods can you make it last longer, especially when it comes to battery charging.

So, how to charge the battery is the most scientific and reasonable? Electric bicycle professionals remind, there are 4 major considerations.

1. Do not charge all night

Many people in order to figure out the convenience of saving time, home will directly plug the electric bicycle charger, a charge is a whole night, the next day directly to ride a fully charged car to work, such charging time is often more than or close to 12 hours, in fact, will cause great damage to the battery, one is the battery will lead to overcharge and charge drum, damage life; two is likely to lead to the charger electronic components overheating, easy to short circuit and sparks, and eventually lead to fire.

Therefore, the most reasonable electric bicycle battery charging time is usually 2 to 8 hours (depending on the remaining power to decide), and if you want to take into account the convenience and science, we recommend that you can buy a regular charging socket, so there is no worry about overcharging.

2. Pay attention to the brand of the charger

Many friends electric bicycle buy a long time, there may be the original charger damage or lost, then you may go to buy some so-called “universal charger” to use. But in fact, this is a big misunderstanding, because the electric bicycle charger, is absolutely not universal!

First of all, all 48V chargers, the output terminal shape and positive and negative poles are not necessarily the same, charging current is not necessarily different.

Secondly, if you use a 2.5A charger to charge a 10 or 12AH battery, the charge current is too high and will damage the battery; if you use a 1.58 charger to charge a 17 or 20AH battery, the charge current is too small and will be insufficient for a long time.

So, when we buy a charger, the first thing to understand the charger and your battery voltage and current is consistent, and it is best to choose the brand charger, the best if the original, and if you really do not understand, you can also go to the relevant electric bike store to ask professionals, do not choose blindly.

3. dedicated to the e-bike

Some friends may have more than one electric bicycle at home, there may be a mix of chargers, which is also a charging taboo. As mentioned above, the mismatch between charging voltage and current will have a great impact on the life of the battery, so remember to use the charger exclusively for the e-bike and don’t get mixed up.

4. Try not to use the fast charging station charging

Although it is convenient, for electric bikes, this kind of high-current fast charging will lead to battery damage, and long-term use will also lead to serious damage, thus affecting the life of the battery, so it is best to avoid it as much as possible.

No matter what, take good care of your e-bike so that it can be used for a few more years, the beneficiary is ultimately ourselves, and scientific usage can also avoid accidents and make your family safer, so it is recommended that you charge it.