3 Safety Tips for Riding Electric Bicycles in Winter

When riding an electric bicycle in winter, check if the brake is sensitive before you go out; keep your attention highly focused when riding and don’t carry too many heavy items on your e-bike.

1. Don’t have too much air in your tires

When riding an electric bicycle on a snowy day, check whether the brake is sensitive before you go out; stay highly focused when riding, don’t carry too many heavy items on the car, and don’t put too much gas in the tires, so that the gas is released to 2/3 of the usual inflation amount, which can increase the contact area between the wheels and the ground to prevent skidding.

2. Control the speed of the car to go slowly

Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you to prevent the bike in front from slipping and tripping; do not brake sharply, otherwise the wheels will slip and lose balance. Ride slower and get off early when you meet the situation; try to avoid sharp turns, the larger the turning radius the safer the road allows; do not grab the road with car to prevent collision by car.

3. Try not to wear “windproof quilt”

The weather has become cold, winter riding electric bicycle people began to go out “full armor”, gloves, hats, wool knee pads, “windproof quilt” …… due to electric bicycle body light, brake Friction coefficient is small, the addition of “windproof”, canopy, will lead to electric bicycle center of gravity, increasing driving difficulties. These equipment seems to be able to block the wind and rain, in fact, more likely to become your burden, easy to make the electric bike out of control in an accident, and even killed.