3 key points for buying electric bicycle batteries

You can’t be sloppy when buying an e-bike battery, it’s all about the smoothness of the ride in the future, so you need to be especially careful when buying one. However, feedback from many users found that although many users know that electric bicycle batteries are important, but there is a lack of knowledge about e-bikes and batteries, resulting in the purchase of the battery either a high failure rate, or short life. So, how to buy electric bicycle batteries?

Well-known electric bicycle merchant said that there are 3 important points to buy electric bicycle batteries:quality, date and capacity.

1. Quality

It goes without saying that e-bikes with high quality batteries can bring a lot of convenience to users. The capacity of a high quality battery is 20 percent higher than an ordinary battery, so the range is 20 percent higher than an ordinary battery, and the service life is 60 percent higher than an ordinary battery. The same electric bicycle, high-quality batteries can be used for at least three years, while ordinary batteries can only be used for one and a half or two years.

2. Date

The longer the date the battery is shipped, the shorter the life of the battery. The life of a battery is limited, and unlimited shelving within a limited period of time will only waste the capacity of the electric bike battery, so many businesses will sell the battery within the latest date, so users should also pay attention to check the factory date when buying.

3. The brand of the battery

As the saying goes, good faith management will last forever. Honest merchants not only product quality is guaranteed, but also more perfect after-sales service, which is incomparable to small brands or small businesses. Legitimate businesses not only have invoices, after-sales service cards and other products and services that can help users to solve the worries, but also has more preferential. It is difficult to say whether the ordinary battery brands have invoices, in terms of after-sales service is much worse.

These are the 3 key points for purchasing electric bicycle batteries, the successful purchase of the battery, in the use of the process, but also the correct care and maintenance of the electric bicycle battery, in order to make the battery performance more powerful and have a longer life.